Sustainability and Ethical Efforts


  • our customers.
  • our staff.
  • Mother Earth.

Here at GET BARE, we place great importance in ensuring our products are constantly made better, for our customers, our staff and Mother Earth.

For our swimwear

All our swimwear are made from a combination of recycled fabrics which include salvaged fishing nets, consumer waste and plastic bottles.

On top of ensuring only sustainable materials in our swimwear, we are also in the process of going 100% plastic-free by testing for plastic free hygiene liners.

For our packaging & manufacturing

All our packaging are 100% biodegradable, as we move the needle towards 100% plastic free.

Overproduction = more waste. We do not endorse mass production at all. All our products are manufacture on per order basis, in small quantities. Each collection only entails a limited amount of quantity to reduce waste on our end.

For all employees

GET BARE has gone above and beyond to conduct routine audits on the working environment and fair compensation of employees.

All employees in our partners’ manufacturing plants are well accommodated with access to health and social security insurance. The manufacturing working policies in the factories adhere to fair trade standards, with no exploitation to working hours. Their work environments are comfortable and sanitary.

On top of the provided insurance, they are also provided sufficient annual leave, maternity and sick leave. No underage recruitment is conducted or exploited as well.

Here comes our favourite part: All working moms are supported by providing them with the opportunity to work from home. For sewers, their work can be accomplished remotely in their own homes. Our manufacturing partners provide them with that option so working moms are able to earn a living while caring for their family.

GET BARE continuously strives to be better everyday. From Day One, we are looking for ways we can be more sustainable and for our customers to enjoy our products with peace of mind.

We hope you will join us on this journey to becoming a 100% sustainable and ethical wear brand.